Getting Prepared


Gather Your Thoughts & Ideas

Your new home plan can be best described as a collection of ideas you have gathered through years of experience as a homeowner. Make a list of the things you especially like & dislike. As you are looking through magazines and browsing the internet for design ideas, take notes and save pictures of the things you like. Also, try to develop a simple sketch of how you envision your new floor layout, considering room arrangement. This will get your thoughts moving in the right direction. Make a folder with all your pictures, sketches, and any other information that you feel could be relevant to your new home design and have it ready to bring to your first meeting.


Terms & Conditions

Download, read, understand, print & sign Alaska Plans, Inc. Terms & Conditions handout. This document describes our standard operating Terms & Conditions concerning; Payment, Alterations After Completion, Copies, Copyright Information, Errors & Inaccuracies, and Project Termination. By reading this document, you will be more familiar with our procedures, and better prepared to begin your custom design project with confidence. Bring this document, completely read & signed, to your first meeting. If you have questions about our Terms & Conditions, please contact us so we can help answer your questions.

click here to download: Terms_and_Conditions.pdf

Contact Us

Complete & Submit a contact form. Choose from one of our two contact forms:

  • Use the Residential New Construction Contact Form if your design project is for a new home, or any non-commercial new construction project. This excludes additions and remodels, but may include a shop, hangar, hangar home, cabin, shed, etc.
  • Use the Contact Form for all other inquiries.